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What We Do

Our therapists treat you themselves. In many conventional clinics, physical therapists conduct the initial evaluation, but care is actually provided by auxiliary staff members, such as aides, assistants, or techs.  At First Coast Rehabilitation, you will never be treated by an assistant, aide or a tech, because we do not use them. You will be treated by a licensed, experienced, highly-skilled physical therapist or occupational therapist.

Our therapists will treat you one-on-one. In some clinics, physical therapists are required to treat as many as four patients an hour, switching back and forth between patients during treatment times. At First Coast Rehabilitation, your therapist will treat you individually and independently for the entire 45-minute treatment session.  Doubling and tripling up on patients is bad for therapists and worse for patients. You will always receive one-on-one care with us.

Our therapists emphasize manual physical therapy. Manual therapy is a method of treatment that relies on the therapist’s hands to stretch, mobilize or massage your muscles, connective tissue or joints.  While electrical stimulation, ultrasound or other machine-based techniques may be used to augment your treatment, our therapists are specially trained to provide hands-on treatment as the foundation of your recovery plan.

Our therapists will create a therapeutic exercise plan specifically for you.  You’re an individual, and we think you should be treated like one. Using the information gathered in your initial evaluation, and working with your physician, our therapists plan a series of personalized, targeted exercises to help you regain your strength and capabilities. We will continually reassess your condition, and adjust your exercise program as you move toward full recovery.